General Information

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday 8:30–20:30

We are ready to open outside working hours as long as the treatments have been booked in advance.


Prices on this site are listed in euros and include all taxes.

Arriving at the Spa

Please arrive prior to your appointment to check in and for 1st visit complete our Questionnaire. Arriving late will deprive you of precious minutes of your spa treatment time. For your own comfort, where possible,you are recommended not to eat 1 hour before any treatment. For best results we recommend that men shave a few hours prior if having a facial treatment. We also recommend that ladies remove all make-up before any Spa treatments

What shall I wear?

We kindly request that guests do not wear jewelry when using the Spa. During some Spa treatments you will be provided with a disposable undergarment by our therapist and you will be draped appropriately at all times.

What if I have a specific health problem?

Please notify us when booking your treatment if you have any allergies. If you have any concerns regarding your health or body. Please let us know. If you have a particular injury or physical condition, please explain it to the therapist. They can suggest appropriate adjustments to the treatment for your comfort and enhancement.

Reservation and Cancellations

Is highly recommended to book your appointments well in advance. To avoid any disappointment, phone our reception 95952395 or 25102900. Always feel free to walk in, we may have space! Please note that a cancellation fee (10 euro - 50 euro) will apply should you cancel your appointment less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled time or should you not show up for the appointment.

Peace of Mind

To ensure a wonderful spa experience, please communicate with us. Talking with your therapist will help them customize service to ensure maximum enjoyment.