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General Information
Opening hours
Monday – Saturday 10:00–19:00
We are ready to open outside working hours as long as the treatments have been booked in advance.

Prices on this site are listed in euros and include all taxes.

Cancellation Policy
Should you need to cancel an appointment please contact us at least 3-4 hours in advance.
What to expect in the treatment room
1. Before the treatment, the client's questionnaire is to be filled for any injury, physical condi¬tion or allergies.
2. Jewelry needs to be removed.
3. Our clients will be offered and welcome to use
• Shower facilities
• Fresh towel
• Shower gel
• Suitable shampoo, conditioner if requested in advance
• Mineral makeup, suitable after face treatment
• Hairdryer

Disposable underwear must be worn

We offer a wide selection of refreshments suitable for client's needs starting from tea, coffee to herbal teas, hot or chilled.

Packages and Events
We can arrange a spa day with treatments of your choice.

For your own relaxation and for the benefit of our other clients, we ask that children do not come along unless they are receiving treatments themselves. Front-desk staff members can not guarantee your children the supervision and attention they need.

Your comfort and care are our greatest concern and priority.