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Slimming, Anti-Cellulite Packages
Anti-Cellulite Massage
Our professional therapists have prepared treatment to combine holistic massage with naturally prepared essential oils to minimize appearance of cellulite and reduce water retention. Lymphatic massage helps to stimulate blood circulation, remove toxins and nourish tissues and reduce the appearance of the orange peel (cellulite), reshaping the body contour.
10 x 1 h
Arosha Firming Bandage Wraps
Reshape your body

Firming kit was specifically created for carrying out a treatment to provide firmness and hydration to the skin. The mix of components works in synergy by promoting the creation of new elastic fibers while eliminating toxins. Also helps in activating the blood circulation and renew the skin's elasticity; it's ideal for stretch marks.

Kit content 1 glycolic acid + 4 high tens + 4 term repair + 4 firm up + 4 lift plus
8 x 1 h
Arosha Bandage Wraps for oedematous cellulite
For oedematous cellulite

Oedemacel kit is specifically conceived to solve the problems of oedematous cellulite. The mix of ingredients works in synergy to contrast the initial causes of cellulite formation such as dilation of blood vessels and interstitial fluid retention.

Kit content 1 glycolic acid + 4 lympho drain + 4 redu cel + 4 aqua drain + 4 slim cel
8 x 1 h
Arosha Bandage Wraps for fibrous cellulite
For fibrous cellulite

Adipocel kit was created to solve issues related to the most advanced stages of fibrous cellulite. The various components in adipocel work to contrast the increasing adipocytes size and the formation of collagen fibers that are responsible for the appearance of cellulite nodules.

Kit Content 1 glycolic acid + 6 localized cel + 2 redu cel + 6 lipho cel + 2 slim cel
8 x 1 h
Slimming Machine Treatment
Slimming anticellulite treatment with machine, effective for weight reduction, combined with body massage to improve blood circulation. Helps is ease the muscles from aches, joints, reducing fluid retention. Improves the lymphatic system and helps give oxygen which is needed to burn the calories.
10 x 1 h
Firming Machine Treatment
Electrical muscle stimulation treatment with machine, which tones the slack muscles and improves body shape. Stimulates the nerves and causes muscle construction, in a form of a passive exercise. It strengthens and tones as well as increases the blood circulation.
15 x 45 min
Vacuum-gradient therapy
It is a static and kinematic vacuum massage that mobilizes the body's internal resources. It helps to increase the rate of fat breakdown and firms the skin. It restarts and normalizes the metabolic process. Increases blood and lymph circulation of the immune system. Vacuum therapy activates the internal resources of the body and produces needed ingredients for self-treatment.
10 x 1 h